Northwest Canadian Greyhound League was gifted with this absolutely spectacular and stunning donation by Mr. David Gall in an effort to help raise some much-needed funds for beautiful dogs in memory of his Ginger who sadly passed away last October.


Ginger was an absolutely beautiful blonde little puppy who was picked up late at night in a parking lot of a UFA. Her original owners were breeding Greyhounds for coyote hunting and this little lady would not sell. When Ginger was picked up, she was a very sick little puppy… she kept throwing up a horrible smelly black substance and was lethargic. With the love and care of her foster mom Brandi Quinn and the love her family when they adopted her – she grew into an absolutely stunning, friendly and feisty girl who brought so much joy to her family.

David builds absolutely BEAUTIFUL toboggans by hand, from scratch. Each toboggan is carefully crafted in his shop with love, beautifully painted by hand and each one is unique and never to be replicated… He truly out-did himself with this one though! The toboggan is an absolutely stunning pink and bright red with a beautifully painted Greyhound in a heart stating a saying we all love “Share Hearts with a Greyhound”.

You will never find another item like this and we cannot thank him enough for this incredible gift. This toboggan is valued at around $725 if you were to buy it from his business “Black Swan Boats”. The toboggan is located in Calgary, Alberta. We are willing to ship the toboggan anywhere, however, the buyer is responsible for shipping costs.

Tickets for this raffle are 5 tickets for $25.00 (minimum purchase of $25.00) or 15 tickets for $50.00. We will be collecting tickets until February 17th when the winner’s name will be drawn! You can enter at our meet and greets or you can contact us at adopt@ncgl.ca to make arrangements! If you’d like to help us by selling tickets for this raffle, please contact us at adopt@ncgl.ca

If you want to do an e-Transfer for your tickets please send your e-Transfer to treasurer@ncgl.ca make sure you let them know that it’s for the toboggan raffle, and be sure to include your name and phone number so we can contact you if you win! We will then fill out your tickets and put them in the draw for you!

Please remember that all funds raised from this incredible raffle go towards helping beautiful dogs like Ginger find loving families. Funds raised will go towards vet care, transport costs, food, supplies and all other items needed to get these dogs ready for their new families. NCGL is a 100% volunteer run organization, meaning all of your funds go towards the dogs!

Do not miss out on your opportunity to own this unique, beautiful and one-of-a-kind item – Good Luck!

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League