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Thera-Paw boots are now available in Canada! This will expedite shipping and will save on shipping as well as US exchange costs.

Thera-Paw boots were originally developed for Greyhounds. They are thickly padded protective and are ideal for Greyhounds with:

  • corns and warts
  • interdigital cysts
  • toe amputations
  • torn digital tendons
  • Painful paws

Our Canadian office is even able to modify the boots to suit Greyhounds with special needs (e.g., high knuckles, toe amputations).

Just contact Jen McNutt below for your Thera-Paw boot needs as well as custom wrist and ankle supports and braces:

Jen McNutt, BSc., MScPT, CGIMS, Dipl Canine Rehab, CHT, Registered Physiotherapist

Thera-Paw Canada

606 Kary Crescent

Nelson, BC  V1L 1B1

Phone:  250-352-9730





Northwest Canadian Greyhound League

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League