Board Members

Eric Spencer Eric Spencer President & Director I was in Ontario for the first half of my life. Working in the greater Toronto area with family and pets. I then migrated to Vancouver, BC at the turn of the century (2000). After raising two kids and growing a career in Information Technology, it was time to share my time with a four-legged friend. My story is like many Greyhound adoptions in Canada; never saw or considered a Greyhound until catching an adoption ad. Reading everything about Greyhounds and not quit believing they are this good in a home. Like others, I expected Greyhounds needed as much activity as all working dogs.

Hero and I met in October 2017. Hero is a young, big, black Greyhound with a friendly and playful personality. The bonding was so successful I wanted to learn more and share my experience with adopters. I continued to learn and contribute to NCGL.

I was also learning how passionate and joyful Greyhound volunteers are, so when NCGL asked if I would like to take on the role of President, it was an easy yes. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this team?
Brandi Williams Brandi Williams Director & Vice-President Brandi is the Director and Vice-President for the Calgary chapter.
Judy Miller Judy Miller Director & Treasurer Judy adopted her first Greyhound in 1999, completely fell in love with the breed and has been volunteering ever since that first introduction. She is on the NCGL Board of Directors and holds the office of Treasurer. She continues to facilitate the pick-up of Greyhounds surrendered to NCGL, Greyhounds from S. Korea and works alongside other volunteers in special events and monthly NCGL gatherings.
Heather Pardy Heather Pardy Director Heather is a member of the Board but has been involved with fostering, transport and adoption for NCGL since 2002. Heather lives in Calgary, AB with her husband, son and 3 dogs. Heather has been owned by various dogs of different breeds (including 3 adopted Greyhounds) and has a particular interest in dog behaviour, training and nutrition. Heather works in marketing for a mobile veterinary company where she enjoys bringing 1 or more of her hounds with her to the office every day.
Diana McMahen Diana McMahen Director Di (John’s wife), has been retired since 2011 from working as an Education Assistant for Special Needs children in Victoria schools. She has shared John’s love of greyhounds, since the 1995 adoption of Eddie, their first Greyhound. They were initially introduced to the Greyhound world by their then-16 year old daughter, who campaigned tirelessly to adopt one of these alluring dogs. Since then Di and John have been the companions to 8 Greyhounds of their own, have fostered some, and have transported well over 125 greyhounds to Canada for NCGL.
John McMahen John McMahen Director John resides in Victoria B.C. He adopted his first Greyhound in 1995 and has been fortunate to share his life with several since then. John has been active with NCGL for many years, mostly in transporting dogs from the U.S. to their homes in BC, but also fostering many hounds along the way.
Dawn Robertson Director
Northwest Canadian Greyhound League

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League