It’s our FAVORITE time of year!  NCGL’s “20 YEARS OF GREYCE” is here!

2020 is a very special year for us as it’s our 20th year in operation! 20 years of helping incredible sight-hounds find the best families on the planet with the help of the most generous and kind people out there. Celebrate with us!

This year has been an absolutely fabulous but very expensive year for us. NCGL Alberta took in 21 dogs (including 8 beautiful newborn puppies) from one farm in January/February who all required full vetting, we currently have the handsome and young Rocky who will be entering our forever foster program due to a very serious heart condition (vet bills so far have totaled $2525.55 so far) and we recently accepted a handsome black boy Final Appeal (Kipur) with a broken leg that will need some extra special TLC (stay tuned for details).

All profits from the sale of this calendar go towards helping us find amazing homes for all of the Greyhounds and sight-hounds that go through our group. This calendar helps us cover the costs associated with getting these skinny dogs into beautiful loving homes; like vet bills, transport, food, supplies and training – buying one of these calendars helps us pay for all of this! Calendars are available at Greyhound Gatherings and meet and greets now!

This is a major fundraiser for NCGL to support the costs of local surrendered hounds and the retired racing Greyhounds we get from the USA.

In addition to our regular calendar, this year we’re introducing an adorable desktop version! Large calendars will look absolutely stunning on the wall at home or in your office, but you can also enjoy a small one on your desk!

Large/Regular Calendars are $15.00 CDN each, the small desktop version which has the 12 large beautiful photos included in the large calendar, an area to write and includes a jewel case stand for only $8.00 CDN. You can purchase both for only $20.00 CDN!

If you cannot pick up your calendar at NCGL Greyhound events, please include an extra $5.00 each for shipping. Check our calendar and keep tabs on both Facebook and our website to see when there are events in your area.

Cash and cheques will be accepted.

If you are ordering a calendar to be shipped out to you please email with how many you would like to purchase, your name and shipping address.

– For Payment:

1) Send eTransfer to or

2) Send your cheque payable to NCGL to the following address:

NCGL Treasurer
Unit 210, 4745 – 54A Street
Delta BC V4K 2Z9

3) PayPal by clicking the following link and clicking on the PayPal button (Be sure to put in the description that it’s for a calendar)

Once your payment is received the calendar(s) will be shipped out to you!

A huge thank you goes out to our FABULOUS printer (who does such a beautiful job every single year and offers us such a fabulous rate, thank you Doug Grelowski at Dat Media Inc for everything you do for us, we love and appreciate you!

We also want to put an absolutely massive thank you out to Dawn Robertson & Heidi Phillips who have put so much hard work and dedication into collecting photos and assembling these absolutely beautiful calendars, you ladies rock!

We also want to thank all of our fabulous adopters and fosters who submitted these beautiful photos. We have enjoyed these past 20 years with you all and are looking forward to many more!


Northwest Canadian Greyhound League

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League