This was posted to FB on March 28, 2019 by our Vice-President Brandi W. who has been instrumental in picking up all of these dogs, finding temporary facility for arrival and assessments, (Springbank), finding foster homes, getting all of the vetting done and finally, finding each and every one of these 7 dogs their forever homes. A beautiful update about Dillon, one of the 7 Saskatchewan dogs found abandoned on a farm a little over 1-1/2 years ago. Grab the Kleenex box and enjoy!

At NCGL we always say that our foster homes are the backbone of this organization. Without these loving souls who welcome these “strangers on 4 legs” into their homes and into their lives, we couldn’t help the dogs that we do. Today Dillion’s mom, who was previously his foster mom, shared the most incredible update that made my heart soar.

When we first heard about Dillon, he was part of a group of 7 dogs that had been abandoned on a farm in Saskatchewan in January. An incredible neighbour had heard barking and discovered the dogs with no food and frozen water in their buckets. The dog’s houses were tractor tires with plywood over-top and he had been doing his best to keep everyone alive by heading to the site every day and feeding them.

NCGL was called to see if we could take in these dogs, get them vetted and find good homes for them…. in order to do that we needed incredible foster homes to open their hearts to these guys who were VERY shy and didn’t trust anyone – why would they? (We also want to thank the incredible folks over at Springbank Pet Resort who allowed us to pick up the dogs immediately, housed and loved them until foster homes could be found).

Dillon abandoned on the farm to die, he was skinny, wounded and absolutely terrified. He’s come such a long way!

One of those foster homes agreed to take in two 100lb boys with little to no socialization and severe kidney issues due to lack of accessible water. They hid in their crates, peed and soiled in the house and were terrified of human touch. One of those dogs was Dillion who was adopted by his foster mom Kirsten W. – she fell in love and just couldn’t let him go.

Today she posted this update…

“Facebook tells me that a year ago, I was over the moon with joy that Dillon willingly came out of his crate to lie on the back door mat with the other dogs, but I couldn’t get a decent picture, because I would have scared him back into his crate.

“This morning, this beautiful, gentle giant of a dog went to St John’s Ambulance to see if he would qualify as a therapy dog to go visit the elderly and hospital patients, and the lady said, “he’s perfect.” We have to go back for an official group evaluation, but she said she can already tell that he won’t have any problems.

“My heart just soars when I see how this unbelievably resilient boy has learned to trust, love, and enjoy life. He’s easily the sweetest dog I’ve ever known. You’re such a good boy, Dillon. πŸ’žπŸ’–πŸ’—”

We want to express our gratitude to every single one of our incredible foster homes. Without you, happy endings like this would never happen. We know it’s not easy – sometimes they pee in the house, sometimes they bark too much, sometimes they eat your furniture – but you always see that diamond in the rough and help them find their shine. Thank you for your patience, forgiveness and kind hearts. We want you to know that we couldn’t do this without you!

All of the dogs taken from that farm that day, abandoned for dead, are now living the best lives ever with their new families.

Thank you, Kirsten, for sharing this incredible update, it truly made my heart smile

Handsome Dillon today – happy, healthy and loving life!

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League