And Now There Are 8…….

Wednesday February 19, 2019

Well.. we hit 6 and thought we were done, and then a 7th showed up and we were done… And then an 8th shows up one hour ago… We think we are done… Again? NCGL wants to welcome 8 beautiful, stunning, adorable, healthy babies to this world!

Mom is doing great and is an absolute Rockstar, we are so glad she waited until we picked her up to have her babies in a safe warm spot!

Thank you so much Dawn for being an amazing foster mom 🙂 Puppies started arriving at 1:45 am and the last one came an hour ago at 10:00 am!

We have 3 boys – one blue fawn, one blue and one white.

And 5 girls – two blue, two parti-colour and an apricot!

Thank you all again for your support and stay tuned for updates!!!

And then there were five….

You’ve been following the story of our beautiful Harry Potter pups lately on Facebook and on the Website, here’s the rest of the tale…

A few weeks ago, a volunteer with NCGL reached out to a kind individual who was looking to move some Greyhound x Wolfhound puppies into new families. At that time, we found out that there weren’t only the 7 puppies we were contacting them about, but a bunch of adults that also may need a place to go. Their owner was very ill and had reached out to neighbours to make sure his dogs were taken care of while he was in the hospital. NCGL agreed to take the pups and put the offer out to take in any adults that the owner may want to part with when he felt better.

Sadly, last week the owner’s health took a turn for the worse and he passed away. At that time, we were contacted by two incredible neighbours who had been taking care of the pups at the farm – making sure they were fed, had water and were loved on. With care and affection, the pups had begun to trust these two amazing people – we asked that if it were possible to catch as many as they could and put them back on their dog houses or in the barn in preparation of us coming down. The property is not fenced in and is surrounded by large open fields, it would be quite the task to try and round up 6 dogs.

A group of 4 awesome Volunteers got together on Saturday and made the trip 5-6 hour north where we would stay overnight in a motel and meet the neighbours at the property Sunday Morning to pick up the pups and get them back to Calgary.

When we arrived at the farm, we were informed that the neighbours had managed to catch five of the six dogs on the property. The one boy was VERY shy, and they weren’t able to get a hold of him – we all walked around the property for about an hour putting down some cat food and trying to catch even a glimpse of this elusive boy – but soon realized that with ‘strangers’ on the property he would never show himself. The heartbreaking decision was made to start heading back to Calgary with the 5 we had with the commitment to come back and get this last sweetheart as soon as he could be caught.

While we were thanking these incredible people for taking such good care of these pups, we were informed that they had 13 bags of dog food for donation to help feed these beauties and the Estate of the pups’ owner had left us a very generous donation to help take care of the dogs he loved so much in life. Tears were shed, hugs were passed around and thank yous were exchanged – it’s not every day you meet such generous and kind people – we hope to stay friends and will be sharing updates when we get them as these beautiful dogs start this new chapter in their life. These neighbours even sent these babies off with beautiful brand-new leashes purchased by them!

Once again, the absolutely amazing and generous folks over at Springbank Pet Resort offered to take in these pups until we can move them into foster care despite them being almost completely booked with it being a long weekend! We couldn’t take in large groups of dogs with unknown histories without them – we are so grateful for them and their amazing staff! The pups will all be seeing the awesome folks over at Springbank Pet Hospital who have offered to treat our pups and make sure their feeling tip top while they stay! Thank you!

We ended up picking up 4 males and 1 female on Sunday. We’re going to stick with the Harry Potter theme and want to WELCOME:






to the group! All of the dogs need to be vaccinated, wormed, spayed and neutered. There are some wounds that require treatment and some of the dog have some teeth that need to go. We also believe that Hermione is pregnant! She will be visiting a vet this week to make sure but we’re about 99.9% sure we have more babies on the way. The last dog left on the farm was caught by the loving neighbours after we left on Sunday, they didn’t give up and because of their hard work and dedication he will be joining NCGL next Monday!

Our amazing volunteer Harley the Cat worked extra hard on Monday cat testing all the new guys – we’ve determined that Hermione is cat safe and the 4 boys did well – because of some fear caution should be exercised when introducing them to new pets as when they gain some confidence their feelings on small critters may change.

The 7 puppies we picked up 3 weeks ago are all in foster care and will be getting spayed and neutered in the next couple of weeks. All of your donated dollars and support are the reason we can help deserving dogs like these guys – thank you so much for your continued support! We also thank you for your patience, we know we’ve been slow to get back to some of you but there has been a lot of work to be done!

While this has all been going on, we also picked up another sweet little girl we’re calling Izzy! Izzy is a 5-month-old Greyhound x Wolfhound cross with a sprinkle of Border Collie thrown in to make her that much cuter! Izzy will need to be spayed and have her vet work done but stay tuned for updates about this pretty little girl! We want to thank Nina, Judi, John and her awesome foster parents for making this happen! Welcome to the group! It’s been a busy week for all of us – we can’t thank you enough for everything you all help us accomplish!

We will be moving these babies into foster care a soon as we can so stay tuned. If you’d like to donate towards their care you can email us at with an e-transfer or questions on other methods to send funds. Thank you so much for all of your generosity!

We want to send our condolences to the family who lost a loved one this past week, we hope he can rest well and in peace knowing that the dogs he loved so much in life are taken care of and are about to start their journey as much loved family members. These pups were very loved by their dad, They love people and we know they were well taken care of. We send you, your family and friends our thoughts

10th Anniversary of Great Global Walk!

The date is set! Watch for details of time, place, registration!

Northern Alberta Puppies!

On January 25th, a call was made by Vice-President, Brandi Williams, in answer to an advertisement for 7 Irish/Wolfhound puppies available in Northern Alberta. An offer was made to take the puppies in and find homes for all of them. The person who had the puppies consulted with the owner (who recently had undergone heart surgery) and it was agreed that the puppies would be picked up on the weekend.

Ms. Williams secured a temporary location to house the incoming puppies and headed out to bring the puppies back.

All but one is approximately 22-26 weeks old and believed to be from 1 litter. One is from a previous litter and a few weeks older. All had been tied up outside with little or no shelter. Little is known about the puppies and they will be vet checked, get their vaccines and settle down to begin their new lives.

The dogs are not kennel trained and have never been on a leash (and freaked right out when putting them on).

These guys are shy, they will need a bit more work than the average puppy. They also haven’t been in a house so things like crate training and housebreaking need to happen.

When the owner of these pups got sick, he made sure to reach out to neighbours to make sure his dogs were well taken care of, fed and watered. He loves his dogs, and this will be difficult for him – we are there to help though!

The pups are wary of strangers, but the neighbour let us know that that once you start feeding them, they warm up quickly to you. Their whole world was the farm and moving to the city was overwhelming for them!

Watch for further updates on these beauties! Here are their first official photos….

Being Fostered in Alberta

For further Information Contact:

Special Photo

Special Meet & Greet Photo

People often ask if Greyhounds are good with children – certainly the majority are kid safe, although it may depend upon the temperament of both the dog and the child.

Here is a perfect example of how that can come together……. taken and posted (with permission from the parent) at a recent PetSmart Meet & Greet in Port Coquitlam, BC



Northwest Canadian Greyhound League was gifted with this absolutely spectacular and stunning donation by Mr. David Gall in an effort to help raise some much-needed funds for beautiful dogs in memory of his Ginger who sadly passed away last October.


Ginger was an absolutely beautiful blonde little puppy who was picked up late at night in a parking lot of a UFA. Her original owners were breeding Greyhounds for coyote hunting and this little lady would not sell. When Ginger was picked up, she was a very sick little puppy… she kept throwing up a horrible smelly black substance and was lethargic. With the love and care of her foster mom Brandi Quinn and the love her family when they adopted her – she grew into an absolutely stunning, friendly and feisty girl who brought so much joy to her family.

David builds absolutely BEAUTIFUL toboggans by hand, from scratch. Each toboggan is carefully crafted in his shop with love, beautifully painted by hand and each one is unique and never to be replicated… He truly out-did himself with this one though! The toboggan is an absolutely stunning pink and bright red with a beautifully painted Greyhound in a heart stating a saying we all love “Share Hearts with a Greyhound”.

You will never find another item like this and we cannot thank him enough for this incredible gift. This toboggan is valued at around $725 if you were to buy it from his business “Black Swan Boats”. The toboggan is located in Calgary, Alberta. We are willing to ship the toboggan anywhere, however, the buyer is responsible for shipping costs.

Tickets for this raffle are 5 tickets for $25.00 (minimum purchase of $25.00) or 15 tickets for $50.00. We will be collecting tickets until Sunday, March 3rd when the winner’s name will be drawn! You can enter at our meet and greets or you can contact us at to make arrangements! If you’d like to help us by selling tickets for this raffle, please contact us at

If you want to do an e-Transfer for your tickets please send your e-Transfer to make sure you let them know that it’s for the toboggan raffle, and be sure to include your name and phone number so we can contact you if you win! We will then fill out your tickets and put them in the draw for you!

Please remember that all funds raised from this incredible raffle go towards helping beautiful dogs like Ginger find loving families. Funds raised will go towards vet care, transport costs, food, supplies and all other items needed to get these dogs ready for their new families. NCGL is a 100% volunteer run organization, meaning all of your funds go towards the dogs!

Do not miss out on your opportunity to own this unique, beautiful and one-of-a-kind item – Good Luck!

Greyhounds Arriving in BC!


Greyhounds will be arriving in BC on Saturday, February 16th, 2019  Don’t miss out….get your applications in now.

We are also in need of foster homes – if you can’t adopt right now, how about fostering one of these beauties on a short term basis?

Adoption Applications are available at:

Foster Applications are available at:


BC Dog Haul

2nd Annual BC Fundraiser

BC is holding the second annual “For The Love of Dogs” fundraiser. Get your tickets now so you don’t miss out on an evening of fun, greyt food and awesome music!

Bill 13 – Ends Greyhound Racing in Florida

NCGL was and still is firmly against Amendment 13. We feel that regardless of your position on racing, this bill is irresponsible as it has no provisions nor funding in place for the thousands of Greyhounds it displaces. There are approximately 8000 dogs on Florida tracks, there is an estimated 2000 more puppies and dogs-in-training to race on farms and an estimated 5000 on farms in other states that were destined to race in Florida – this is a staggering amount number of dogs. While racing could continue for as long as 2 years, we could also see track closures as early as January 1st, 2019.

We have always had a good relationship with our contacts in the racing community, and we have enjoyed re-homing the dogs they have worked with and cared for. We will be reaching out to these contacts, offering our assistance and will be there for these incredible pups.

Currently, we are also working on bringing dogs to Canada from a track in Asia that has closed. We hope to get 30 of the over 500 dogs looking for homes. NCGL is here to help racing dogs regardless of their origin, and this project will not affect our ongoing support of dogs from Florida.

NCGL is and has always been pro-Greyhound. We are ready to help all these amazing dogs find amazing families and will work with our contacts in the United States to welcome as many new Canadian skinnies as we can. If you are looking to help, please donate to your local adoption groups; please offer to foster and if you’ve been looking for a new family member, there has never been a better time to adopt. Please stay tuned to find out ways you can help these beautiful souls make the transition from racer to retired.

It is worth noting that funds raised by lobbying organizations that spearheaded this bill will not be dispersed to local Greyhound adoption groups, who along with kennel owners will shoulder the costs of moving these dogs to adoption. Please reach out to your LOCAL Greyhound adoption group if you’re looking to donate.

NCGL “Souls of Greytness 2019” Calendars Are Here!

It’s our FAVORITE time of year! CALENDAR TIME!!! NCGL’s Souls of Greytness 2019” Calendar is here!

All profits from the sale of this calendar go towards helping NCGL find amazing homes for all the Greyhounds and Sight hounds that go through our group. This calendar helps us cover the costs associated with getting these skinny dogs into beautiful loving forever homes; vet bills, transport, food, supplies and training – buying one of these calendars makes it all possible! Calendars are available at Meet & Greets and other upcoming events.

This is a major fundraiser for NCGL to support the costs of local surrendered hounds and the retired racing Greyhounds we get from the USA.

Order your calendar(s) for only $20 each. If you cannot pick up your calendar at any of the NCGL Greyhound events, please include an extra $5.00 each for shipping ($25.00 total). Check our calendar and keep tabs on both Facebook and our website to see when there are events in your area. Cash and cheques will be accepted.

If you are ordering a calendar to be shipped out to you please email

with the number you would like to purchase, your name and shipping address.

Payment Options:

  1. Send an e-Transfer to:
  1. Send a cheque payable to NCGL to the following address:

NCGL Treasurer
Suite 210, 4745 – 54A Street
Delta BC V4K 2Z9

  1. PayPal by clicking the following link and clicking on the PayPal button                                       (Be sure to put in the description that it’s for a calendar).

Once your payment is received the calendar(s) will be shipped out to you!

A huge thank you goes out to our FABULOUS printer (who does such a beautiful job every single year!) and offers us such a greyt rate, thank you Doug at Dat Media Inc for the awesome work!

NCGL wants to extend an absolutely massive thank you to Dawn  & Heidi  who have put so much hard work and dedication into collecting photos and assembling these outstanding and beautiful calendars; you ladies rock!

NCGL also wants to thank our fabulous adopters and fosters who submitted these beautiful photos. Thank you SO MUCH for all your support!

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League