The NCGL T-Shirts Have Arrived!!

Human Capital Strategies have once again donated NCGL T-shirts for our volunteers! Kerry first donated a shipment of T-Shirts 2 years ago, in honour of Georgia, his daughter’s beautiful rescued Greyhound. He decided recently that we should have some new duds and they arrived today! This donation from Kerry and his company is really appreciated and we sincerely thank him for his generosity!  Visit Kerry at

Thank you so very much Kerry – you rock!  We will wear them proudly – especially at the upcoming 9th Annual Animal Expo in August. Take a look and if you would like to purchase one for yourself, please contact the – the cost per shirt is $20.00 – but there are only a few left, in size S/M/L in assorted colours, so get your orders in quickly before they are all gone. They sold out almost immediately last time.

The T-Shirts for the Expo Volunteers and for those who have already placed orders, the shirts will be available on Saturday, June 23rd at our monthly Templeton Field Gathering (notices with directions were sent to NCGL yesterday). See you and the hounds there – we’ll put up the tent for shade and we will have shade for the hounds to keep them cool – bring water!

NCGL Calgary – Raffle

NCGL Calgary is raffling off this absolutely adorable chainsaw carving of a greyhound by The Country Carver donated to us by the fabulous Cindy Finch! Tickets are 1 for $2.00 and 3 for $5.00 with all proceeds going to help the dogs! We will be collecting tickets until June 24th when the winner’s name will be drawn at our Calgary Greyhound Gathering! You can enter the draw at our Calgary Greyhound Gatherings or you can contact us at to make arrangements!


Due to the size and weight of this adorable wood-carving, we, unfortunately, cannot ship it. However, if you’re not located in Calgary and still want to enter to win this beauty we are willing to hold onto it for a little while you make arrangements to have friends or yourself come and pick it up!


If you want to do an e-transfer for your tickets the minimum amount of tickets you have to buy is 6 for $10.00. Send your e-transfer to, make sure you let them know that it’s for the raffle and we’ll fill out your tickets and put them in the draw for you! We’ll need your name, address, and phone number!


This one of a kind piece of art would make an adorable addition to any greyhound lover’s home or garden!


Thank you so much for your support and good luck!

NCGL BC Canada – Great Greyhound Global Walk


41 sight hounds attended the annual GGGW in Victoria, BC in their first year of participation. A big thank you to everyone that came out and helped to make it a huge success. Some of those gorgeous hounds are shown below!


Victoria NCGL


The Vancouver Lower Mainland attracted a total of 34 sight hounds, including 27 Greyhounds. Kudos and many thanks to all that attended.


Vancouver Lower Mainland



“Holy Cow! Our Greyt Garage Sale was an absolutely huge Success! With all the amazing donations we received and the incredibly hard work of Dawn, Heidi, Paul and sweet Charlie they were able to raise a whopping $2,240.20!

We still have some items that we’re going to sell online so we’re expecting to hit the $2500 mark!

This money will go a long way to help us recover some very expensive vet bills we’ve had lately and help future hounds find loving families. We couldn’t continue to do what we do without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and donors… You’re all amazing!

Thank you to all of those that came out to support the hounds!”

SATURDAY, JUNE 9th 2018  –  9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
109 Riviera Crescent, Cochrane, Alberta

Some of the amazing volunteers with NCGL Calgary will be holding a Fundraising Garage sale on Saturday, June 9th from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm (rain or shine) with all proceeds going towards helping awesome NCGL dogs find amazing NCGL families!

We’ve had some amazing items donated (thank you so much!) so please be sure to come and take a look! Fundraisers like this garage sale help us offset the cost of vet bills, transportation, food and all other costs associated with getting dogs ready for adoption

Thank you for your support

If you have any questions please contact us at

NCGL Named Responsible Adoption Partner by NGA

The following has been received from the National Greyhound Association:

“The National Greyhound Association (NGA) has long wanted to provide a resource list of credible, responsible adoption groups to their membership, owners, kennels, haulers and trainers.  The list may also prove to be an assistance to those coordinating hauls and hopefully will be another re-direct for those looking to adopt. The list is comprised of groups they feel are responsible in practices as well as their professionalism towards our sport and dogs.  Northwest Canadian Greyhound League has been nominated to be added to the list.

The NGA is proud to include your adoption group as part of our inaugural list. The list can be viewed at  

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into our Greyhounds.  We are proud to consider you one of our Responsible Adoption Partners.


NGA Webmaster & Board Member 3B”

Abandoned dogs rescued from farm near Alberta-Saskatchewan divide after facing the elements

Ryan White, Reporter / Producer   @CTVRyanWhite

Published Friday, January 19, 2018 5:07PM MST
Last Updated Friday, January 19, 2018 6:38PM MST


Officials with Northwest Canadian Greyhound League (NCGL) say seven dogs that were rescued from the cold in western Saskatchewan are recovering from the ordeal and are nearly ready to be homed.

On Sunday, January 14, volunteers with NCGL in Calgary drove to a rural area in Saskatchewan following a call from Saskatchewan Animal Control indicating dogs had been found abandoned on a property.

“The big problem came when the original owner left and left the dogs on the property,” explained Brandi Williams, vice-president of  NCGL. “The neighbour had noticed that there were still dogs on the property so he started doing his best to make sure they were fed and watered but in temperatures like this water freezes.”

“If it weren’t for the neighbour and if it wasn’t for these amazing people that stepped up, they wouldn’t be alive.”

Williams says two of the dogs, a Greyhound and a Beagle, were friendly and approached the volunteers but the other animals appeared distraught. It took more than two hours to catch all of the dogs. “We popped muzzles on them because we weren’t sure if the dogs had met before.”

A dog, believed to be a Spaniel-mix, was found in medical distress and animal control members transported it to a location within Saskatchewan for treatment.

The dogs were transported to the Springbank Pet Resort, west of Calgary, where the animals began to let their guard down.

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“We actually opened up one of our buildings specifically for them,” said Glenn Condoran, general manager of Springbank Pet Resort. “We have staff that are dedicated to look after just them and spend the time with them.”

“All of the dogs are completely different after being here for a week,” said Williams. “They’re just learning that people are good.”

The seven dogs consist of five greyhounds, a Beagle and a German Shepherd-cross. The Beagle is now in the care of Beagle Paws Rescue while NCGL is looking for a rescue foundation to take in the Shepherd-mix.

Williams says the animals are adapting to their new environment. “The great thing about dogs, and pretty much all animals, they’re very, very, very forgiving. Even if something bad happens to them, the second something good happens to them, they forget.”

“We’re working on getting them all fixed and into foster homes and then ready for forever families,” said Williams. “These guys will make absolutely awesome pets.”

For information regarding fostering or adoption, visit  Northwest Canadian Greyhound League . Condoran encourages any potential adopters to stop by the Springbank Pet Resort to meet the animals.

With files from CTV’s Stephanie Wiebe

PhotosGreyhound rescued from Saskatchewan farm


Seven dogs were removed from a property in Saskatchewan and transported to a facility in Springbank on January 14, 2018 (photo: NCGL)

A shepherd-mix was one of seven dogs found abandoned on a rural property near the Alberta/Saskatchewan barrier

A neighbour attempted to feed and provide water to the dogs after realizing the animals had been left on the property when the previous owner moved (photo: NCGL)



“For the Love of Dogs” BC Gala Fundraiser

Please view our Gala Fundraiser page:

“For the Love of Dogs” BC 2018 Valentine Gala Fundraiser

Hello Skinny Dog Lovers!

When NCGL was started way back in 1999, the primary goal was to aid in the placement of retired Canadian racing dogs. While we don’t see any dogs coming from Canadian racing tracks anymore (the last track was closed years ago) we still stay true to our original mission statement and take pride in helping any Canadian sight hound that finds itself in need of a home. We LOVE these dogs and adore seeing them make their way into new families. Whether they’re from a farm or a loving family that has to make the heartbreaking decision to re-home their pet, it is a true joy to see them blossom in their new homes and pay back all the love they receive with joyful tail wags and kisses.

This past year has been a big year for local hounds; so far we have taken in 14 Canadian sight hounds in need of new families. While, as stated above, we LOVE these local guys – the unfortunate downside is they come with much higher costs than the dogs we bring in from the US race tracks. While we have fabulous local vets who do their best to off-set the costs of taking in these beauties with EXTREMELY generous discounts, the fact is, Canadian veterinary care is much more expensive than in the US.

With surrendered dogs we have to cover costs for alterations, vaccines, microchips, dentals, worming, surgeries, transport costs, boarding, food, training and anything else they need to get them ready for their new lives with their new families. The average cost to take in a Canadian skinny is around $800.00 each with some dogs going as high as $5000+. We would never deny a dog the treatment they require because of cost, our goal is always the quality of life for every single dog we take in. However, because of this, we can only take in as many dogs as we can responsibly cover the costs for.


We know that this has been a tough year for everyone and appreciate every single dollar donated towards helping these incredible pooches, but we’re at a bit of a crisis point right now and are looking for ideas for alternative fundraising opportunities and ways to raise more money for the pups. So far this year donations are down by about 90%.


If you have any extra money that you’d like to donate to help get some incredible dogs into incredible homes – remember that every single donation of $20.00 or over will come with a tax receipt! And please remember that this is a 100% volunteer run, registered non-profit organization – every single hour spent by our AMAZING volunteers is donated!


If you’d like to donate you can click that fancy “Donate” button on our website  or send a cheque to Northwest Canadian Greyhound League to 210-4745 54A Street Delta, BC V4K 2Z9 or send an e-Transfer to our treasurer at and remember that every single dollar goes to the dogs!

We’re also looking for people with great ideas who want to do fundraising for us. Organizing bottle drives, events, auctions or anything that will help. If you’d like help promoting your NCGL event please send an email to  Do you and/or your workplace donate to United Way? Did you know that you can designate the charity that your funds go to? Why not designate NCGL this year! Talk it over with your co-workers and make this year the year to help the Greyhounds.


We’re also in desperate need of foster homes for these beautiful pups – as with funds, we can only take in as many dogs as we have foster care for. We are so thankful for the donations of time and kennel space from the fabulous kennels we work with; Sunset Kennel and GroomingBarks & Recreation Dog Kennel, and Hudson’s Hounds – but we do need to get these pooches into foster homes so they get some house experience and these fabulous businesses have room for their paying clients!

Thank you so much for all of your support and making the past few years at NCGL so successful. We love all of our supporters, volunteers and of course the hounds! We couldn’t do this without you, you’re all heroes!

Foster Homes Needed!

 Foster Homes Needed!


We are DESPERATE for foster homes! We can only bring in Greyhounds based on the number of foster homes available. Please help us help the dogs!

Greyhounds that come straight off the track need to learn how to behave in a house. They need to learn all about things like; linoleum, carpet, stairs, cats, little dogs, windows, mirrors and much more. Foster families take a Greyhound into their home and spend time teaching it how to be a wonderful house dog. They then have to be strong of heart and give the Greyhound up when it’s ready for adoption. Failing at fostering simply means falling in love with your foster and wanting to keep it. If you fail too often you won’t have room to foster anymore Greyhounds and that is what we consider a loss, but a happy loss! Usually, the fostering period only lasts 1-2 weeks


Click here for Fostering Application 2016-05  or  e-Mail

NCGL Meet & Greet – Surrey, BC

NCGL is happy to announce that we will be holding a Greyhound Meet & Greet once a month at PetSmart store #483, located at 12101 – 72nd Avenue, Unit #110, Surrey, BC (in the Strawberry Hill shopping centre), from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

PetSmart Store #483

We would love you to drop by and bring your Greyhound(s). Watch the event calendar for future dates!

The Next M&G will be held on Saturday, July 14th, 2018


Northwest Canadian Greyhound League

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League