UPDATE – Greyhounds From China Need Placement!

Macau Dogs Update – 2018-11-21 – The following update was received by NCGL.

We will continue to support and work along size the Macau people to ultimately receive 30 Greyhounds into our care. Thank you everyone for your patience & please continue to hang in there to help us help the dogs!

On 2018-11-21 2:36 a.m.
Dear Brandi and Judy,
allow me to thank you both for your patience and kind assistance, in giving the Macau greyhounds a chance to be re-homed to a new loving environment for their retirement.  This email will hopefully answer your queries and explain the complications we are facing.
I understand that a lot of work has been done by NCGL and am confident that the greyhounds will be in good hands when they are able to fly over to you.
The complications and hurdles we are facing in Macau has been incredible, but we will not give up on achieving the goal of giving the greyhounds a chance to enjoy their retired life with good families.
As our professional Pet Moving company has mentioned, we previously anticipated and arranged with the only airline (Eva Air) that could fly greyhounds out of Macau to Canada (Via Taiwan).  Unfortunately, we were unable to use Eva Air’s services because they gave us unbearable limitations that would cause logistical and arrangement nightmares, incapable paperwork procedures to be met with local authorities, as well as possible animal welfare problems.
I also mentioned that the adoptions for the greyhounds is handled by Anima.  There was a recent post by Anima on facebook stating which countries the greyhounds are planned to be shipped out for adoption.  Anima has made an error in accidentally leaving out some destinations in their post, which should also state that greyhounds will also be going to Canada.  Anima has also said that the order of priority in sending out dogs depends on when the associations enrolled for adoptions, some of which enrolled almost 2 years ago.  Nevertheless, we have not stopped trying to find solutions to have the dogs sent out for retirement life as soon as possible.
The only airport for which we can send out dogs are via Hong Kong International Airport.  Dogs are currently only being sent to USA because of Anima’s enrollment order of priority and because of the limitation for which Hong Kong’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) has given to us.  The schedule for receiving dogs in USA have been arranged thoroughly and approved by local authorities.  These arrangements are currently made up to February.  According to the limitations AFCD has put into effect, only 10 dogs per week may enter Hong Kong jurisdiction and cleared by customs.  So every week, 10 dogs are being sent to the scheduled receiver in USA.  For the sake of the dog’s, we are working as hard as possible with AFCD so that they may increase the capacity of dogs to enter Hong Kong.  We previously used ships to send the dogs to Hong Kong, but now, since the Hong Kong Zhu Hai Macau bridge has been inaugurated, we have been granted permission by AFCD to use the bridge to transport the dogs to the Hong Kong airport.  This may very well give us an opportunity in being granted more dogs to enter Hong Kong on a weekly basis, subject to AFCD review and approval.
Once we are granted a larger capacity of dogs to enter Hong Kong, we will be able to plan for sending dogs to other countries, including Canada.
I am unable to give you an actual date, due to the reasons stated above.  I can presume that the earliest batch to be sent to Canada will be some time in April, if only 10 dogs can be sent per week.
Please understand that the imposed capacity problem of 10 dogs per week is something that is out of our control, but with good will and heart, let’s hope our negotiation for more dogs per week entering Hong Kong may be approved as soon as possible, so that we may commence again with you the logistics of receiving these beautiful animals.
I hope this email finds you well.
Thank you and Best Regards,
Jose Luis

Macau Dogs Update – 2018-11-09

Hey Greyhound Lovers,

So, what’s up with our Macau Greyhounds?

As mentioned before this is a really complicated and fluid situation. From what we understand is that there is an issue with the airline that our contacts in China wanted to use to ship the dogs directly out of Macau. They are currently in contact with airport authorities in Hong Kong to try and ship them out of there instead and are looking at different airlines to get the dogs to Canada.

We know that several US groups have received hounds from Macau and we’re not sure why the situation for us is different, but we have given our contacts a few options in hopes of speeding things along! There are still 470 Greyhounds at Canidrome that need to make their way to adoption groups throughout the world, so no worries!

We want to thank you all for your continued support and patience, as soon as we hear more, we will be updating you! Hopefully, it’s with the wonderful news that our sweethearts are on the way!

Please know that our volunteers have been working on this project since the beginning of August and are doing everything they possibly can to help these wonderful Greyhounds, we are just as excited to meet them as you are!


Board of Directors
Northwest Canadian Greyhound League


PS – We have also reached out to our regular contacts in the US regarding the dogs from Florida that will soon need homes – we will update you on that front as soon as we know more!

Macau Dogs Update – 2018-10-19

Greetings Greyhound Lovers!

Finally, the update that you have all been waiting for, WE ARE GETTING GREYHOUNDS FROM MACAU!  YAAAAAY!  Northwest Canadian Greyhound League has committed to taking in 30 greyhounds from Canidrome in Macau -15 dogs will go to Alberta and 15 dogs will stay in BC.  Greyhounds will be soon arriving in shipments of 3 to 5 on flights from Hong Kong and will be landing in Vancouver where volunteers will help greet them and get them settled in. We would welcome any volunteers available to help with the arrivals.

First off, a little bit of background on what’s been going on overseas.  The amazing Volunteers over in Macau have been working extremely hard to make sure the dogs are well taken care of, feeding them, taking them for walks and getting them any vet care that they require.  The dogs were supposed to be moved off site to a newly built facility about a month ago but there were some issues with the locals who were worried about the noise of barking dogs and that was eventually scrapped.  In the meantime, the amazing volunteers at Anima have helped the dogs stay as comfortable as they can be at the race track and have even kept them safe and dry during a typhoon.  Due to all these changes and the fact that they now can’t use the off-site facility, the timetable to get dogs to adoption groups has moved up, meaning that the dogs will not be fully vetted before they arrive in Canada.  Dogs will come with their Rabies vaccination but will require all other vet care to be done in Canada.  The Officials in Macau have been very generous and have offered to pay for all the expenses associated with getting the dogs from China to Canada and have offered a donation with each dog that we take in to help us cover the vet expenses that we will incur.

We believe that most of the dogs will require dental work which as you know can get very expensive. We will have to do a donation drive, some fundraising to help cover the costs associated with getting these pups the best care we possibly can, so stay tuned for some great opportunities to help these dogs get ready for forever families!  There will also be a need for volunteers to help with the day to day tasks of taking care of these dogs such as driving them to and from vet appointments, babysitting when foster parents are away and various other tasks.

It’s going to be a ton of hard work, but it will all be worth it when we see these beautiful dogs enjoying the rest of their lives on soft beds with loving families.  We want to thank the incredible foster homes who have all offered to take these babies in and our amazing volunteers and supporters who are making this possible. A big thank you goes out to the Macau Government and organizations associated with the Canidrome track for making sure that these dogs have the option to retire, but most of all we want to thank the incredible volunteers at Anima who have been taking such great care of these dogs and have done amazing things to make sure these dogs are safe.

As soon as we get some dates and details of which dogs we are getting we will be sending that information to you!  So, keep a close eye on your email, check out our website and follow us on Facebook!

We’re excited to help these dogs and we couldn’t do it without your support!  Thank you so much!

Board of Directors
Northwest Canadian Greyhound League





Macau Dogs – Update 2018-09-12

Hello Greyhound Lovers!

NCGL is letting you know that we have yet to receive any further updates from the officials in Macau regarding the Greyhounds who raced at Canindrome. If we are going to get Greyhounds from Macau we now know it will be later than the September 22, 2018 date that was floated before. The dogs are currently being moved from the racetrack to an off-site facility and many of them still require vet care and procedures before they are ready to head to adoption groups.

As mentioned before, NCGL is 100% committed to helping these dogs and are waiting with baited breath for any updates and news from the officials in China; but please keep in mind whether the dogs head to Canada or not, it is in their hands. We are really hoping that we are given the opportunity to show these pups how amazing life is in Canada!

NCGL would like to thank everyone who offered to foster these beauties and all of you that have sent your support along for these pooches! Keep those paws crossed that this will all happen…soon.

As soon as we get any info you will all be the first to know!

Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more!

The Board of Directors
Northwest Canadian Greyhound League

August 31, 2018

Greetings Greyhound Lovers!

You may be aware that the Greyhound Racing track Canidrome in Macau, China has closed for good.  If you haven’t heard here’s a link to a recent news story by CTV:


NCGL has been contacted by a group who are looking for Greyhound adoption agencies to take these dogs into their care and find loving forever families for them.  Before organizations in China stepped in to help these dogs they had absolutely no option for retirement and their safety and welfare were in dire straights.  We have enthusiastically informed them that we would love to help and take in as many hounds as we possibly can!

Our dilemma at this point is that we do not have a kennel and rely solely on our incredible foster homes whenever we need to take in dogs.  We have some wonderful and dedicated foster families that will no doubt step up and take in some of these hounds, but with the number of dogs that are in need of care, we are even more driven to take in even more and welcome them as new Canadians!  We are hoping we can find dedicated foster homes than we normally have available and that our awesome volunteers and adopters are as excited as we are to help these beautiful souls find a safe and happy landing!

We are contacting all of our previous and present Greyhound owners to see if there would be anyone willing to do some fostering for NCGL for these dogs, or maybe you’ve been thinking that you need another beautiful family member to welcome into your life – either way, we hope we can count on you to add a permanent or temporary skinny pup into your life.  The hounds will come fully vetted with all of their vaccinations before they arrive in Canada, any on-going expenses and care will be covered by NCGL while the dogs are in foster care.  The expected date of arrival is September 22, 2018, at the airport in Vancouver, BC but this is a very fluid situation and is subject to change.  NCGL will have a group of volunteers and transporters ready to move the hounds to their respective destinations, including Alberta.

We are hoping to hear from you as soon as possible if you think you can offer your home and help us out, but particularly to help these beautiful hounds begin the next journey in their lives right here in Canada.  And maybe, just maybe, some of you have been considering the adoption of another beautiful Greyhound – this would be a wonderful gift to these hounds in need and your family!

If you are available to help these wonderful skinnies find a soft landing contact NCGL BC at vebenn@telus.net or NCGL Alberta at adopt@ncgl.ca as soon as possible.  As you can see time is of the essence for these greyhounds and without the incredible work and dedication by the volunteers and staff on the ground in Macau and all of the other amazing groups around the world stepping up to take these beauties into their programs, they had no future – we are incredibly grateful for all of their hard work and love and will be more than honored if we are chosen to participate in this incredible endeavor.  

Please remember that while NCGL is 100% on board to get these hounds, this is a very fluid situation and we may not receive any at all.  We have been in contact with authorities in China regarding this situation and we feel that we will be receiving dogs in the near future from Macau but do not want to say that this is set in stone.  If we are blessed enough to take in some of these dogs we want to make sure that we are prepared and can take in as many as needed be, the more the merrier!  We need your help, so please open your heart to a beautiful skinny – even if it’s only for a little while!

Many Thanks,
Board of Directors
Northwest Canadian Greyhound League


Northwest Canadian Greyhound League

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League