Happy 6 Month Birthday to our Game of Thrones Litter!

All of these ADORABLE babies are getting bigger and more and more beautiful every single day. We want to thank you all for your continued support that made helping these babies possible and we want to thank all of the amazing parents of these cuties that are doing such a great job with them!

Special thanks also go out to Dawn who brought these babies into the world and fostered the family for their first few weeks (and her amazing helpers) and Judi who took over fostering until they had homes!

We can’t believe it’s been six months already….they couldn’t be any cuter!


Dolly on left (fka Brienne) – with Hank

Gaia (fkaSanza) Greyjoy (fka Bronn) Jenga (fka Jon) Oak (fka Drago)

Odin (fka Tyrion) Shiloh (fka Dani)

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League