Northern Alberta Puppies!

On January 25th, a call was made by Vice-President, Brandi Williams, in answer to an advertisement for 7 Irish/Wolfhound puppies available in Northern Alberta. An offer was made to take the puppies in and find homes for all of them. The person who had the puppies consulted with the owner (who recently had undergone heart surgery) and it was agreed that the puppies would be picked up on the weekend.

Ms. Williams secured a temporary location to house the incoming puppies and headed out to bring the puppies back.

All but one is approximately 22-26 weeks old and believed to be from 1 litter. One is from a previous litter and a few weeks older. All had been tied up outside with little or no shelter. Little is known about the puppies and they will be vet checked, get their vaccines and settle down to begin their new lives.

The dogs are not kennel trained and have never been on a leash (and freaked right out when putting them on).

These guys are shy, they will need a bit more work than the average puppy. They also haven’t been in a house so things like crate training and housebreaking need to happen.

When the owner of these pups got sick, he made sure to reach out to neighbours to make sure his dogs were well taken care of, fed and watered. He loves his dogs, and this will be difficult for him – we are there to help though!

The pups are wary of strangers, but the neighbour let us know that that once you start feeding them, they warm up quickly to you. Their whole world was the farm and moving to the city was overwhelming for them!

Watch for further updates on these beauties! Here are their first official photos….

Being Fostered in Alberta

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