Basanti (nka Santi)

BC Dog - Greyhound - 1 to 4 - Female
Adoptable Small Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrainedPrefers No CatsyesDogsyesKids

Basanti, a 2-1/2-year-old black female has been surrendered to NCGL and we are still gathering information, so stay tuned.

She is a sweet girl, loving, likes snuggles, and car rides. But, she has a slightly aggressive side that is witnessed from time to time, particularly around other female dogs. She is not small dog safe or cat safe.  She will require a lot of guidance to gain confidence.

She walks quite well on leash although on her first trip to the big city was curious about her surroundings wanting to investigate both sides of the street at the same time. She has a good appetite and ate her dinner and breakfast, licking the bowl clean. There were no accidents in the house, and she slept beside the human’s bed not stirring until morning.

Basanti should probably be in a home with no dogs or cats. She will require concentrated efforts by her human which takes time and patience. Someone who is eager to take that time will ultimately find an attentive companion who will look to her human for assurance and improve every day along the way.

Update 22May19

Upon arriving home with Basant, fosters immediately got resident hounds out for a group walk around the block.  We thought it would be a better introduction than being in close quarters in the house. There was some conflict for the first few minutes, but they all got used to each other, and there was gradually more and more close interaction.  In the house there were a couple of minor incidents, but things have been generally calm.  Basanti is very attached to people and stays close to fosters.  One GH seems interested in her and has followed her around, although he is very tense when she pays any attention to him.  She seems to like him too.  The other mainly sleeps.

We may call tomorrow for a training session.

Update 30May19

Basanti  is almost completely comfortable with the two resident Greyhounds now.  We still crate her at night because the three of them could compete for space in our room.

Occasionally she shows dominant behaviour, but most of the time she just co-exists with the others.  On this morning’s walk, though, she snarled and barked at passing dogs, even completely harmless-looking ones.  We need to do more testing of this.  We also are arranging a visit with a trainer who helped us a lot with one of our hounds.

We have started shortening her name to Santi.  She is starting to respond to her name.  Unfortunately, she is not highly motivated by treats, which could make training a bit harder.  We are raising the stakes by making liver bars for her this afternoon.  She seems to rely somewhat on the resident hounds, and this makes us wonder if she needs to be an only dog, and if in fact she might be happier living with a friend.  She is still completely comfortable and friendly with people.  The three dogs have started doing tentative runs in our yard.  It’s interesting to see that they are all careful and keep their distance.  The fosters have also taken Basanti twice on her own for high speed runs at a friend’s place.

All three dogs are circulating throughout the house without problems.  All the same, we are crating her tonight.

Update 04June19

Overall, Santi is doing extremely well.  Her fear aggression is fading away quickly.  The appointment made with the trainer turned out to be on the same day as her surgery, so it was cancelled. In the meantime, she has done so well that the trainer and agreed that probably no formal training is needed.  She does still growl if a passing dog becomes too intrusive, but otherwise she meets dogs calmly.  Basanti was reported to be a counter surfer. The fosters have found she’s a pro at this.  She also works hard at trying to open cupboards and our garbage.  Her prey drive is quite high, especially with squirrels and rabbits.  She is fairly good with passing horses, but they are still quite new to her.  She has not seen deer yet.

Santi eats well, although she doesn’t think we feed her nearly enough. She is picky about training treats, and refuses all but the very best.

She travels well in the van with the others.  She does get excited, though, when she knows we’re near a walking spot.

Santi started off pulling quite hard on the leash during walks.  This has tapered off with some correction with the novelty of our walks wearing off.  Unfortunately, we aren’t going to one of our favourite walking places right now as there’s been a cougar sighting.  It was seen while out with Basanti and one other hound.  They spotted it before foster did, who was perplexed as to why they were so tense.   Fortunately, we only saw it from a distance.

There has been no sign of separation anxiety, but she has never been without our dogs.

Foster Update 2019-07-16

Santi almost found her forever home. However she was not happy there with no other dogs and her owners were away a little more than she liked. She has been returned to foster because she started showing signs of aggression towards her new owners and other dogs..

We think underneath all of that she is a sweet girl who has no confidence, and has managed to get by scaring every dog away. Now that she has two friends in in her foster home, she wants them to herself. Santi is good with our 5 year old grand daughter, and we trust her totally alone with our two hounds, so we know she can do it if she is given the right path.

Right now she is very unpredictable and its a challenge trying to find the right path. We are contacting a trainer used for another hound. We had set up an appointment earlier, but had to cancel it for a conflict.

2019-07-23 – Foster Update

Santi has been making steady progress.  She has settled back in with our dogs, and quit counter surfing, and pulling on leash, (unless in a new and exciting environment). She no longer elbows her way into the pack to get her treats first but will wait in the down position (of her own will) until it is her turn. She does have a tendency to impulsively jump up if she sees someone she likes. We have of course been discouraging that.

She is very playful and is now asking to play with resident Greyhound (her safe companion).  He is rather wary of that but has done some gentle tug of wars on stuffies with her. Santi loves the water and looks as if she might become a swimmer!   She had her first real dip in the lake today, and she found this very exciting.

This strong girl needs the opportunity to run (alone at this time) to reduce stress and takes full advantage when given the chance.  She is breathtaking to watch!

We have been gradually walking Santi using a muzzle in places with more dog traffic.  She is reacting less often to passing dogs. We don’t think she particularly goes after small dogs, but she does react to cats she sees when on walks, so she is almost certainly not cat safe.  Her fear aggression should fade as she gets systematic exposure to other dogs.

Santi is a very affectionate girl, fully house trained, with no food or sleep space aggression issues, and we feel that it is only fear of other dogs that prevents her from enjoying their company.  She can now be possessive about ours, in the presence of other dogs, now that she has these precious friends. She is affectionate with our young (6 and 2-year-old) grandchildren.  She needs an easy going home with at least one other laid-back dog.  Ideally, she should be in a home with people around much of the time.  She has a very quick mind, and she does best when her mind is occupied.

She is such a sweetheart– sensitive, smart, and a little worried about where she fits in the world. She responds well to voice requests. In the safety of her own home Santi is playful and happy. On neighbourhood walks she and resident GH make a great walking pair. She ‘comments’ much less often than she did initially when she spots other dogs.



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