Blue Velvet (Blue)

BC Dog - Greyhound - 1 to 4 - Male
On Hold Large Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrainedPrefers No Cats

We want to officially welcome Blue to NCGL!

Blue was found as a stray and when the people who found him could no longer hold onto him, he was turned over to NCGL. NCGL worked with local authorities and shelters to help find Blue’s family but alas, nobody stepped forward, so welcome to our family handsome man!

Blue is a very beautiful boy with a velvety soft silver coat and stunning eyes, estimated to be 4 years old. He absolutely adores his people and always wants to be near them; he’s a grade A cuddler! He came in very shy, scared and nervous and with the help of some amazing people has shown that he wants to learn how to become an amazing companion.

While Blue is indeed a stunning sweet boy, he does need some help from an experienced owner or foster to help him work through some of his behaviours. Blue is very competitive for attention and will push a less confident dog away from ‘his’ people when he wants it. He gets over-stimulated often and can become too aggressive with other dogs when allowed to run free with them or chase toys. He seems to be fine with dogs if the energy level and situation are calm, and he doesn’t get too excited. Blue has been fostered with three cats and while he’s made progress with not chasing them, he does seem to be a bit too interested in them to be deemed ‘cat safe’.

Blue has had two incidents where he has bit his people. While the bites weren’t overly serious, one did break the skin and his warnings should be taken seriously. We do not believe that Blue’s biting is due to aggression but is more likely due to fear, or space issues. Both bites happened while he was on the couch with his foster dad. One happened when the foster reached over Blue to pull the leash from where it was caught behind his back (against the back of the couch). The other happened while they were actively ‘cuddling’. We recommend any future fosters/adopters do not allow Blue on the furniture until his reactive and protective behaviours have been completely dealt with.

He hates having his feet touched and has lashed out at his foster parents when they try to hold or manipulate them. He has seen a vet and did have some issues with bones being caught in his intestinal tract but that was dealt with and no longer presents a problem. If he continues to be excessively protective of his feet, we will proceed with x-rays of the foot to see if there is a medical reason for his behaviour.

We need an experienced foster home to help Blue find his confidence and work through his issues. This family or foster family needs to be confident, have no children, preferably no cats and someone that has no dogs or the right stable pack that can help him find his way. We are willing to provide expert assistance in the form of professional trainers and behaviourists to assist you with Blue’s journey.

We realize that while Blue is an AMAZING boy and he is very, very, very handsome we want to make sure that we find the RIGHT home for him. We know this boy will make an amazing companion, but he needs some help from the right understanding family or foster to work through some of his insecurities and issues.

We are currently looking for an appropriate foster that meets all the above criteria, and don’t have anyone that has room for him that we know of. He is presently in BC, but we are willing to move him to Calgary if there is a place for him there. If you think you can help this sweet boy, we know he’s an amazing dog, he just needs a bit of help on a few rough edges before he can truly shine.

Blue has moved to WA for some additional assessment and training.

For Further Information Contact:

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League