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This is Emmitt, and you will never find a sweeter dog! The vet thinks he’s around 3 years old, and he’s a neutered greyhound x. He is a true gentle giant, weighing in at around 95 lbs and tall enough to easily steal from the kitchen counter when standing on four legs!

Emmitt was one of five greyhound x dogs rescued from a farm in Saskatchewan. He shared a dog run with his ‘brother’, Dillon, to whom he is very bonded. They suffered horrific neglect and abandonment, and they have been seriously traumatized. Emmitt has come a very long way since arriving in his foster home but will require continued patience and compassion, as he continues rehabilitating and learning to be a loved pet and family member. Although he presents a stoic front, he is quite fearful in new situations and needs to be introduced to them slowly.

He gets along well with his four legged siblings, both canine and feline and is crate trained. He typically does all his toileting outside, but does need to be watched when in the house. He enjoys going for walks and is working on learning to walk on a loose leash. He never reacts to other dogs or cats we encounter along the way but is sometimes scared by large or loud passing vehicles.

He absolutely loves toys! He also has the most adorable habit of very gently stealing, and taking to his crate, anything he can pick up and carry. If you’re missing a sock, slipper, blanket, towel, dog bed, bath mat, pet food bowl, or sweater, chances are it’s in Emmitt’s crate. Don’t worry, though. He doesn’t chew on or ruin anything he takes. He just likes to have things.

He has learned that he likes treats and will take them very gently from your hand. Emmitt is a very intelligent boy who picks up on instructions easily and is generally very compliant with whatever is asked of him. He’s calm and quiet, and he truly wants to learn to trust and love. With time and patience, he is going to blossom into an exceptional companion.

Being fostered in Red Deer, Alberta

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Northwest Canadian Greyhound League

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League