Final Appeal (Kipur)

BC Dog - Greyhound - 1 to 4 - Male
On Hold Large Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrainedPrefers No CatsyesDogsyesKids

Appeal was born on May 10, 2017. He did not run any races after breaking his rear leg during schooling. Following surgery, the injury was casted to heal. He had recovered and had been released. Vet notes available. Appeal is very energetic.

Update 2019-10-10

During the long journey from Alabama to Canada, at a turn-out near Denver, Colorado, Kipur injured his leg a second time. He has been transported to RAPS  in Richmond, BC, where he is being assessed for further surgery or possibly a leg amputation. He is being cared for by a wonderful team at RAPS and is rewarding all of the staff with kisses and wagging tail in spite of his injury. He is eating and sleeping well.

An update will be posted when all of the information has been received. In the meantime Kipur will remain comfortable and loved at RAPS

2019-11-29 Update

Kipur is scheduled for his leg surgery on Thursday, December 5th – finally after 21 days of injections, bacterial inspection is all cleared up!

On Tuesday, December 3rd, BCTV will do a segment on the hyperbaric chamber at RAPS … and guess who is the star? Kipur himself! This pre-surgical hyperbaric treatment will prepare and stimulate the body to increase tissue function and to stimulate the body to release stems cells that can promote healing. Then we will do a post-surgical hyperbaric treatment after the surgery.

2019-12-22 Update

Kipur’s surgery had to be postponed due to the late arrival of synthetic bone material to be used in his surgery. Surgery took place on Friday, December 13th – fortunately no superstitions were present and the surgery and post hyperbaric oxygen treatment were successful. Kipur has been confined to his crate for the past 9 days and as his early Christmas present was released into the general household. His first stop was the couch, and a snooze!

His healing is going well, and he is being a perfect patient, eating and taking all his medications without any complaints (loves the cheese wrapped offerings!). His very short business breaks outside have been met with enthusiasm and quick turnaround to return to his crate… at least he will have his favourite couch to enjoy for the rest of his healing time. Boxing Day Kipur will go for a bandage change, an inspection by the vet and another hyperbaric treatment. The vets estimate his recovery time will be around 6 weeks – and then Kipur will be available for adoption into his forever home.

What a lucky dog to get all this extra care by the folks at RAPS. If you would like to donate towards Kipur’s surgery bills, be sure to contact NCGL




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