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Kantok was surrendered to NCGL by his owners. He was born on October 14, 2015 and is a gorgeous medium brindle colour. He weighs in at around 70 lbs.

He gets along with most other dogs but not so well with small dogs. We do not think he is cat safe, however, he has not actually been cat tested.

Kantok loves to have his ears and face rubbed and will follow you for more if you move away from him.

Update 2018-01-02

Kantok is a real nice boy and gets along well with his kennel buddies. This means that Kantok has been just fine when moving him around the kennel and he has been in several different areas of the kennel. Most of the time he had neighbours in kennel runs on both sides of him. They are nose to nose with fencing between them and he has not been aggressive with the other dogs. Most of his neighbors have been various breeds of dogs.

He also is required to walk in front of the kennels to go in and outside and he is curious but not obnoxious in any way. Today our students from the high school came back from the holiday break. It was busy when Devon came in with Kantok. (I am comfortable with Devon going into the kennel area to take Kantok out for a walk). After their walk I questioned Devon about Kantok’s behaviour. Devon told me Kantok was happy to see him and was excited to go out for a walk. There was no problem with the walk. I do not require Kantok to be muzzled.

Kantok does get excited when it is his turn to go out. He then calms down and goes out on the leash. His leash manners are getting better. He does not mark the bushes or anything like that. Kantok is very aware of his surroundings, especially where the rabbits are. He does have a high prey drive but that is what Greyhounds have been bred to do for thousands of years.

Kantok did, however, fail his small dog testing. Kantok was muzzled when first tested with an 8 pound little white dog. Kantok was very keen, he kept looking and was sort of chomping a bit with his jaw. It is obvious he is not small dog safe. He is a good boy. As I said greyhounds have been bred for thousands of years to be hunters. He was doing his job.

Kantok is thin and will be checked out on a visit to the vet. Kantok needs to get into foster care. Kennel life is not home life. He sleeps well and is a good boy with his bedding. I also have a warm sweater on him 24 hours a day. I plan on giving him a bath in the next few days. His coat is okay, not the best but okay. Once we can get a diet that agrees with his digestive system his coat will be nice.

It is his turn to go into foster care to learn about living in a home with a family. We love him very much. He is such a sweet loving boy. He is going to make a great pet.




Being Fostered in BC

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