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Northwest Canadian Greyhound League (NCGL) has picked up two beautiful 3 year old Canadian Greyhound siblings named Ruger and Molly!

Molly is an absolute LOVE and enjoys cuddling, couches and being with you 24/7. Ruger is a super striking dude and doles out kisses like they’re going out of style! Both dogs are absolutely fabulous, friendly and drop dead gorgeous (they really need a bath but man, when they’re clean they’re going to look even better)! They really love each other and we’d love to see them go together but understand that it’s hard to ask someone to take both in. While we would love to see them stay as a pair (they truly love each other) we are willing to separate them.

Update – 2017-07-06

Miss Molly and her handsome brother Ruger are in for spay and neuter today. Alberta has been unable to secure a foster home for them so the twins will be making their way to BC on Sunday!

These two dogs are so amazing. They’re super friendly, really cuddly, great with other Greyhounds (and did well with smaller dogs) and are so in love with each other. We’re really hoping they can find a home together – they have never been apart….

These twins are amazing dogs and would make a great addition to a loving family


Being Fostered in Washington State

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