Stonepark Twelve (Stoney)

BC Dog - Greyhound - 1 to 4 - Male
Large Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrainedyesCatsyesDogs

Stoney is a recent addition to NCGL, surrendered by his owner through no fault of his own – they just aren’t able to care for him anymore and want him to find a new forever home.

Stoney was born on June 2, 2014 in Ireland where he raced up until as recently as May 2017. He is a beautiful, shiny black boy who is very affectionate and loves to be near his person. He enjoys car rides, walks really well on leash, crates well and gets along perfectly with other Greyhounds. We will see how he greets other breeds on his walks and test him with cats.

2017-11-24 Foster Update

Stoney is a very even-tempered hound with beautiful house manners. His leash etiquette is excellent; he is friendly & sociable during all dog introductions – big, small, even a large intact male – and very affectionate with humans of all description. What an exquisite hound!

2017-11-26 Foster Update

Today Stoney displayed not a prey-drive but rather an inquisitive play-drive, with squirrels, Canada geese, tennis balls & yes, the neighbour’s 2 cats.

He had to be politely leash-led right up to the squirrels & geese before he even noticed their presence, after which his chase interest was piqued, but without displaying aggression. Unleashed in the fenced tennis courts, he was happy to play fetch-the-ball-& keep-it with a terrier-cross, who enjoyed chasing Stoney holding onto the terrier’s ball. I was amazed that he responded to my recall command: “Stoney Come” multiple times.

This evening a leashed & muzzled Stoney paid a visit to the neighbour’s 2 cats. Ever inquisitive, he enjoyed sniffing them, but showed even greater interest in sniffing their food bowls. Their reactions to him were uncommonly blasé, lying down, sitting & staring placidly at their gigantic alien visitor. After concluding the cats posed no danger to him [& visa-versa], Stoney attempted to engage them with a few play-bows, at which point we left while we were ahead of the game. The cats’ human & Stoney’s human both concurred that he would likely be cat-safe with un-aggressive felines, once properly introduced.

Foster Update 2017-12-12


Now dat Iyam a Nortwest Canadian Grreyhound, Iyav bin ‘dopted as Ski Jumpin Canada’s fishal mascot. I spent 4 days bein da helpy ambassadog at Whistlerr’s FIS & Continental Cup Ski-Jumpin champeenships, wherre da whole worrld’s ski-jumpin atletes werre nearrly as popularr as meself. Der werre jumperrs frrom Austrria, Gerrmany, Switzerrland, Norrway, Finland, Rroumania, Japan, Poland, Rrussia, Slovenia, Korrea, da USA, Frrance, da Czech Rrepublic, Italy, Ukrraine, Kazakstan & da hosts: Canada.


Now that I am a Northwest Canadian Greyhound, I have been adopted as Ski Jumping Canada’s official mascot. I spent 4 days being the helper-ambass-a-dog at Whistler’s FIS & Continental Cup Ski Jumping Championships, where the whole world’s ski jumping athletes were nearly as popular as me. There were jumpers from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Rumania, Japan, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Korea USA, Franc, Czech Republic, Italy, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the hosts Canada.

And these are only a few of the countries that wanted to take me home with them! Skiing anyone?




Northwest Canadian Greyhound League

Northwest Canadian Greyhound League