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Is a Greyhound For You?

The following list will help you decide if a greyhound is right for you:

  • They have almost no fat and very short hair so they MUST be indoor pets and may need to wear a coat and boots in cold or wet weather.
  • Some greyhounds still want to run and for those dogs a large fenced yard or nearby fenced field will be necessary. However, many greyhounds no longer want to run much and a fenced yard and daily walks are all that is required.
  • They have no "doggy odour" because they have no oil in their coats. Once a year bathing and occasional brushing will keep them looking great. They also need their toenails clipped and their teeth brushed.
  • • They generally love children and will leave if they have had enough, however no small child should be left unsupervised with any dog.
  • • They can be thieves and might be found with clothes, kid's toys, the remote control, or food off the counter. Your house must be DOG proof until your greyhound learns these things are "off limits!"
  • Greyhounds eat a lot! Some people think they are too skinny but that's not because they don't eat, or you don't feed them, it's because this is their natural shape.
  • Most greyhounds do not make good guard dogs. There is not much difference in personality from males to females but each dog does have its own individual personality.
  • TThey are generally very healthy. While there is no recorded history of hip dysplasia in Greyhounds at this time, gastric torsion, which can occur in large, deep-chested breeds has been seen in Greyhounds. The only genetic problem greyhounds may have is hypothryoidism – controlled with daily medication.

How Do I Adopt A Greyhound?

Ideally you should contact Please note we all have families and are sometimes not able to respond immediately. We recommend that you read either Lee Livingood's Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies or Cynthia Branigan's Adopting the Racing Greyhound. Both books are inexpensive and give lots of information on greyhounds and what it is like to share your home with one. People with children under 12 should also read Childproofing Your Dog by Brian Kilcommons.

If after reading the brochures and the books, you think you would like to adopt, you should print out our application form (it's 6 pages) and complete it and mail it in with your deposit cheque ($50 Canadian). Your deposit goes toward your adoption fee. Should you be turned down, your deposit will be refunded. Should you change your mind, your deposit will be forfeited.

Once your application is received, a home visit will be arranged. At that time our adoption rep will go over things you should know prior to getting your dog.

At the time of the home visit you will receive an education class (explaining about things you need to know to welcome a greyhound into your home). If you are approved you can then choose a dog from those we currently have. Should there not be a suitable dog for you, one will be “special ordered” for you on our next shipment of dogs. We do not hold dogs for unapproved adopters.

We are a small, volunteer run organization with all donations going directly to the greyhounds we care for. The adoption process is a careful one so that each greyhound receives the best home possible. Out of respect for our greyhounds and the people who kindly donate funds and time for their care we ask that if you are applying to adopt a greyhound, that you have patience and limit your application to one group and your contact to one person. Applying to several groups and contacting many people causes a waste of resources that are better spent on greyhounds. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

We would prefer to place our dogs in the western portion of Canada BUT please don't let that stop you from looking at the dogs available for adoption or submitting an application form. Even if you live far away we will consider adopting a dog to you if you are the 'perfect' home and will love the dog forever.

We also encourage you to take a look at Puget Sound Greyhound Adoption. Transportation to Western Canada can be arranged - where there's a will, there's a way!

BEFORE adoption:

  • An application form must be completed and approved.
  • A home visit and inspection are completed if possible. If a home visit is not possible a telephone interview is completed.
  • A Greyhound education class must be completed.
  • Please refer to our adoption application for current adoption fees.

All dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, teeth cleaned if needed and dewormed. Your greyhound comes to you with a martingale collar, a leash, a dog tag and a kennel muzzle. Your dog tag will have a toll free number people can call if they find your greyhound (we recommend you also have a tag with Your numbers on your dogs). The dogs are bathed, toenails trimmed, and some basic introduction to living in a home is done. The dogs are also tested to see if they are cat friendly, kid friendly and small dog friendly. All of this work helps to ensure a good placement with the right family.

AFTER adoption:

We offer a lot of support for you after adoption.

  • You may receive further visits or phone calls to check on how the dog and family are doing.
  • If you immediately inform the organization if the dog becomes lost we will provide resources to help locate the dog.
  • If for some reason you decide not to keep the dog you MUST return it to the organization. We will evaluate the reasons the dog was returned and possibly relocate it with another family.

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