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A 4-7 yr old brindle male purebred. Origin: Florida track

Dieter is very friendly and outgoing; he has had both middle toes on a hind foot amputated - he does hop occasionally esp on uneven ground.He needs a Therapaw to support that foot on gravel or long walks - a set will come with him. He has a great personality and he is cat safe. Dieter needs a home where there are either people or other dogs to keep him company or he will exhibit signs of separation anxiety. Update: Dieter's a peach to walk, and ventured a little further into the water today. No boots on trails again today, and once again he only hopped if he hit a rough patch of gravel. He doesn't like to jump into the car from any gravelly footing but the foot doesn't seem to bother him after a 45 min walk on trails. The road can cause problems where there is gravel spray, but he just hops over it and carries on. He whines when he sees other dogs, but has only met a couple. We'd been told that little dogs yapping in his face can cause growling. We met a fairly small well mannered one and he was fine and really enjoyed a 3yr. old boy patting him. The dogs were on their own for 2-3 hrs. tonight, and Dieter didn't get up as I climbed the stairs in front of the window. He saw me, but didn't get up till I actually started to unlock the door. He's eating and sleeping well and stretched out on the deck alone for about 1/2 hour, even though the other dogs and I were in the house. He loves retrieving a stuffy thrown for him in the yard. Update: Dieter handled nail clipping very well at the pet spa, quiet and interested in all around him. Tonight he snoozed on in the house despite being abandoned by our dogs, who had come and joined me in the garden. We leave our back door open, so the dogs go in and out as they wish, so either he was too sound asleep to notice their absence, or he was too comfortable where he was! He was pleased to meet the several dogs we came across at the lake today, wagging and play bowing enthusiastically.

Fostered in Victoria, BC.
To adopt Pat C Driver contact Maureen

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