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Hoku child friendlysmall dog friendlycat friendly

A 1-4 yr old brindle female purebred. Origin: did not race

Hoku is a sweet, friendly girl. Her name means “star” in Hawaiian and she lives up to that. She may be a bit unsure of herself at first, but she loves people and really wants to please. Once she gets a chance to see new things and meet new people, she’ll develop confidence. She likes rawhide bones and stuffed animals. She has done well with crate training, but be sure to send her out often at first and praise her when she “goes” outside. Watch her closely in the house initially. Cats: Hoku did well in cat testing, but she’s a young dog and will likely be inclined to chase if the cats run. Use the muzzle and strongly discourage any interest. She should be crated or otherwise separated from the cats when you aren’t able to watch her. Don’t be too quick to trust her alone with the cats. Update: Hoku is a delightful little girl. She's very curious about everything around her and loves to play. At one and a half she's still a pup, she moves her stuffies into little caches around the house along with slippers, shoes, pillows, anything mouthable and movable. She doesn't chew though, just likes to keep herself busy relocating. Every now and then she'll tear around the yard with a stuffie in her mouth and fling it in the air and catch it. She's perfectly toilet trained and doesn't need a crate to settle down. On lead she's a dream, does not pull at all and is learning to come when called. She's super affectionate with all people, small children included, and has been very friendly with every other canine we've met. "Hokie" is a happy, good natured, healthy and fit dog. She needs room to run around and people who are gentle and loving to show her the world. This girl's a gem.

Fostered in Hornby Island, BC.
To adopt Hoku contact Maureen

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