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Santa's Madilyn child friendlysmall dog friendlycat friendly

A 1-4 yr old brindle female purebred. Origin: Texas track

Madilyn is a sweet, friendly girl. She may be a bit unsure of herself at first, but she loves people and she’ll warm up quickly. Madilyn did well in cat testing. Day one: What a perfect angel! Madilyn is a darling. She has settled in like she has always lived in a home. Great with all the other dogs big and small. Plays running-chasing games with them very nicely. She LOVES people, very excited to meet everyone. She ran and played her first day here, it only took a few moments of nervousness before she followed the other dogs lead and relaxed. She is fine on stairs, eats well, and slept quietly in a x-pen for 8 solid hours. No accidents in the house, she is great about going outside. She loves to throw stuffed toys around, and like to help herself to things around the house. No intention to damage anything, she is just enjoying being able to manipulate her environment and move things around. She corrects very easily with a 'tsk', she just wants to please and be loved. A confident, loving, and very pretty girl. Possibly the perfect greyhound. As you see in the pictures she relaxes very well. After running and playing on the property she rolled into her back in 'roach' position and had a nap like that, on the grass with people and dogs milling around her. After a week Update: Madilyn just continues to get sweeter and cuter! She truly does nothing wrong. She has no issues at all. She is confident, loving, super silly, all the other dogs love her, and she runs up wagging to every person she sees. She sleeps as long as I want to (likely my dogs have cue'd her in on sleeping-in days, they don't move until I do) and now neither does Maddie. Boy-oh-boy can she run and play! Great chasing racing games this past weekend. Maddie, my gh Topaz and my sisters dog Chloe played and chased until they collapsed to re-charge for the next round. So much fun to watch. She will also entertain herself in the house, and out tossing stuffies, and today she learned if she picks up and tosses a ball it will bounce away and she can chase that too! She still loves to move around found items, anything is fair game, but only tissues have been shredded! All else left intact, just repositioned with great enthusiasm. Oh dear, she is a such love, this girl will give her forever family so much love and joy, lucky family. She is very special.

Fostered in Nanoose Bay, BC.
To adopt Santa's Madilyn contact Maureen

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