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Rock N Desperado child friendlysmall dog friendlycat friendly

A 1-4 yr old brindle male purebred. Origin: Texas track

Desperado is a happy, friendly guy. Cats: Desperado did well in cat testing, but he has never lived with a cat. Foster update: Desperado is an easy house guest. Although a little reserved at first, he quickly warmed up to us & our hounds. He is very well house trained and has never had an accident. He has had a little trouble with the stairs (there are a lot of stairs in our house) and is still apprehensive when coming downstairs, especially on the wooden stairs. Desperado has a very calm and gentle presence, enjoys sleeping in his crate, but he does show some separation anxiety when left alone in it for a few hours. We haven't heard him bark, but he has whined a little when everyone was in a different room and he couldn't get to us because of those nasty stairs. Although he likes people, he is not demanding of affection, but is satisfied with a couple pats. Update: Because the weather is so beautiful, Desperado & my other hounds were bathed outside in the sunshine. He continues to display a mellow, even temperament even when a bucket of water is dumped on him. He is still the fuzziest greyhound I've ever seen and he took twice as long to dry than the other dogs did. The more time he spends with us, the more his playfulness comes through. Desperado loves his walks & his tail starts going pretty fast when the leashes come out. He even jumped up on me in his enthusiasm (though I am discouraging that habit!). This friendly guy is waiting patiently for his forever family.

Fostered in Sidney, BC.
To adopt Rock N Desperado contact Maureen Nelms

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