Board Members

Emma Gutsche Director & Treasurer Emma is a big-time dog lover, having volunteered for years with Beagle Paws Rescue before adopting our sweet Greyhound Baaj and has been helping NCGL with organizing events in Alberta including the annual Pet-a-Palooza event. She is passionate and used to have her own bookkeeping business before becoming the Chief Organizational Officer at Action Edge Business Coaching.
Brandi Williams Director & Acting President Brandi is the Director and Acting President for the Calgary chapter.
Heather Pardy Director Heather is a member of the Board but has been involved with fostering, transport and adoption for NCGL since 2002. Heather lives in Calgary, AB with her husband, son and 3 dogs. Heather has been owned by various dogs of different breeds (including 3 adopted Greyhounds) and has a particular interest in dog behaviour, training and nutrition. Heather works in marketing for a mobile veterinary company where she enjoys bringing 1 or more of her hounds with her to the office every day.
Dawn Robertson Director
Virginia Bennett Director Before meeting and being charmed by a lovely Irish Greyhound Virginia had only lived with Newfoundlands (4), Pointers (2), Beagles (2) and a couple of lovely mutts. She now lives with 2 greys who could not be more different from each other and one terrier mix who rules the roost. She has formal training in several complementary canine therapies and continues with her studies. She has been the adoption coordinator for the NCGL BC region since January 2016.