Fashions for the Hounds!

We have just received a small supply of awesome sweaters, made by one of our volunteers, specifically for the Greyhounds. We have a limited supply on hand, but custom orders can be made by contacting:

Ellie at  [email protected]

In the meantime take a look at a few that we have and get your order in quickly before they are all gone….the weather is starting to cool down!

The cost for each sweater is $40 and $10 from each sale will be donated to NCGL towards the care of the hounds!

Rocky-Rocket (Rocky)

Greetings to all of our amazing greyhound lovers,

Now that we have a better idea as to what’s going on with our absolutely fantastic teeny boy Rocky, we’d like to get you all caught up.Rocky is a local boy who came to us from a loving family who could no longer take care of him. As always we were more than happy to help a beautiful hound and the people who love him. We found him a great foster home, picked him up and made arrangements to have him neutered and
fully vetted to get him ready for adoption and a new forever family.

He was taken to the awesome folks over at Yaletown Pet Hospital and when they performed their pre-surgery check-up it was noted that he had a very loud and serious heart murmur. After discussions with 3 vets, we all agreed that we couldn’t move forward with the neuter as there was an added risk to Rocky’s safety. It was agreed that further examination should be done by way of either a chest x-ray or an echo-cardiogram/heart ultrasound. A chest x-ray alone will provide certain information but can be limited and not as thorough as ultrasound – although often both are done.

We went ahead with the x-rays and echo-cardiogram/heart ultrasounds. The results were not good, they discovered that he has significant and serious issues with both the left and right side of his heart. Due to the seriousness of his heart condition, it was suggested that we do a follow up with a Canine Cardiologist along with additional testing so we know exactly what we’re dealing with, figure out the best treatment plan and keep Rocky as healthy and happy as we possibly can. We agreed.

We contacted Dr. Mark Harmon, Board Certified in Veterinary Cardiology, at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Seattle and booked an appointment. After more testing was done, Dr. Mark Harmon determined that Rocky’s heart condition is indeed very serious. Much to our heartbreak, we were made aware that Rocky could pass as soon as tomorrow, or if we’re lucky, 10 years from now.

At the recommendation of the specialists, Rocky is starting a specialized cardiac support diet that has to be imported from the US. He is also beginning a medication regime that will keep him healthy and happy for as long as possible. Rocky will need to continue his specialized diet and take medication for the rest of his life, along with specialized care and support from his vets and his people.

Due to these special medical needs, Rocky will be entering our “Forever Foster” program. This means that NCGL will be covering the cost of his specialized care for as long as we’re blessed to have his beautiful happy soul among us. We are covering the costs of his medication, prescription food, vet visits, additional veterinary support, and testing. Rocky will be 2 in November this year.

One of the best things about dogs is that they live in the moment, the do not think about tomorrow or 10 years from now – they love their people today, they love their walks, they love their toys and they love to be loved. Rocky doesn’t know there is anything wrong with him and is happy – we will do our best to keep it this way as long as we possibly can, whether that be just today or the next (hopefully) 10 years of his life.

We want to thank all of the amazing vets, fosters, volunteers and supporters that make helping Rocky possible. We are happy you have all put us in the position that we can give dogs like Rocky the best shot at a happy life and hope with your continued support we can continue to help dogs like Rocky for many more years to come. We love you Rocky, you are amazing and we’re going to make sure that your life is as full and joyful as we possibly can.

A special thank you goes out to Michelle Wright at Furry Friends Photography for the beautiful photos – thank you so much.

If you’d like to contribute to Rocky’s ongoing care we would really appreciate it! You can send a cheque payable to NCGL, e-Transfer to [email protected] or go to and donate through PayPal.


Rocky Rocket needs your help….

NCGL – Northwest Canadian Greyhound League is asking for donations.

Hey Everyone!

“Your resident ‘handsome stripey man’ Rocky here! I’m sure enjoying time with my amazing skinny-boy-loving foster family and the folks at NCGL! They’ve been taking such good care of me – they take me for walks, give me treats, give me lots of pets and food!”

“We went for a special car ride last week to visit the awesome people over at Yaletown Pet Hospital to get neutered….? I’m not sure what that means but they said I weigh an adorable 68lbs give or take a few pounds (to be honest I was a little bit wiggly on the scale). When they were doing my ‘pre-neuter check-up’ and ‘vaccines’ I heard them talking about how I have a loud heart? I’ll let the good folks over at NCGL Explain!”

Good morning all! While our sweet Rocky was at the vet last week to be vaccinated, neutered and chipped we discovered that he has a loud heart murmur. After discussing it with 3 vets, we all agreed that we couldn’t move forward with the neuter as there was an added risk to Rocky’s safety. We agreed that further examination should be done by way of either a chest x-ray or an Echocardiogram/heart ultrasound. A chest x-ray alone will provide certain information but can be limited and not as thorough as ultrasound – although often both are done.

We have decided to move forward with an Ultrasound Echocardiogram to figure out what’s going on with this sweet boy’s heart and give him the best chance at a long and happy life. Estimates put the cost of this procedure and his neuter at over $1000 after a very generous discount from the awesome folks at Yaletown Pet Hospital.

To help offset some of these costs, we’ve set up a little Facebook fundraiser – if you have anything to spare that’s awesome! If you don’t that’s okay too, just keep rooting for Rocky!

Needless to say, until we figure out what’s going on with this little red man, he will be put on medical hold – we will keep you all updated as we get more news!

Here’s a handsome photo of the boy with the amazing staff at Yaletown! Thank you so much for taking such good care of Rocky!

You can also e-Transfer to [email protected] and be sure to provide the answer to the security question in a separate e-mail to the same address. Thank you everyone – for helping us keep this little not quite 2-year old healthy!

Dog Availability Release 31May2019

Greetings Greyhound Lovers!

We know a lot of you have been asking for updates regarding our next haul of retired racing dogs. Despite our best efforts, we have been unable to secure dogs to bring up to Canada for adoption at this time.

We have reached out to our regular sources and they have no dogs available and are unsure as to when any dogs will become available. We have reached out to other sources for dogs and they have no dogs available either and are unsure when dogs will become available; we have also reached out to the National Greyhound Association and their response was;

“Unfortunately, there is a general shortage of Greyhounds all over the country right now, both for racing and adoption.  Obviously, this will change over time as the tracks in Florida begin to slowly close down.  I am sure you will see some availability in the coming months.” 

This does not mean we will not be getting dogs; it just means we don’t have a firm date when they will arrive.  Our Board members and Volunteers have been working tirelessly reaching out to old and new contacts in the United States to obtain a haul of retired racing dogs for both NCGL in British Columbia and Alberta. We hope to have some news soon.

Despite all of this, 2019 has been an extremely busy year for NCGL!  We helped a kind farmer find homes for 21 of his Greyhound x Wolfhound crosses (including 8 brand new babies born in our care) after he sadly passed away, we’ve helped families find new homes for their beloved pets when they could no longer keep them and we’ve helped the local match racing community find homes for their Greyhounds once their coursing careers have ended.  While it has been difficult to obtain Retired Racing Greyhounds from the United States of America, we’ve continued to help find homes for beautiful hounds in need.

If you’ve been waiting for a retired racing dog to arrive but are interested in adopting dogs from one of these alternate sources, please let your adoption coordinator know.  While these beauties tend to have a few different needs than the retired racing dogs – they make incredible additions to the family!

We also encourage you to check out other adoption groups in your area.  Our goal at NCGL is and always has been to find loving families for beautiful sighthounds. Meaning if you offer your loving home to a Greyhound from another adoption group, we couldn’t be happier for you and your new skinny!  If you do adopt from another organization, please know that you are always welcome to attend NCGL events. After all, we’d love to meet your beautiful new Greyhound!  If you do secure a racer through another organization, please let us know so we can remove you from our waiting list.

In addition, if you have paid a deposit to NCGL with your adoption application, we would be more than happy to refund the amount. Just contact us at [email protected] Or, if you would like to get a tax receipt for the $50.00, we can do that as well – simply send your mailing information to the same e-mail address.

We want to thank everyone for all your continued support this year and in years past. Next year will be our 20th year in operation and with your continued patronage, we are hoping to carry on for many more!  Stay tuned for celebrations being planned for the 20th Anniversary in Alberta and BC.

We apologize for any inconvenience this shortage has caused but please know that we are doing our best and are hoping to have an update for you very soon!

All the Best,
Board of Directors
Northwest Canadian Greyhound League

NCGL Named Responsible Adoption Partner by NGA

The following has been received from the National Greyhound Association:

“The National Greyhound Association (NGA) has long wanted to provide a resource list of credible, responsible adoption groups to their membership, owners, kennels, haulers and trainers.  The list may also prove to be an assistance to those coordinating hauls and hopefully will be another re-direct for those looking to adopt. The list is comprised of groups they feel are responsible in practices as well as their professionalism towards our sport and dogs.  Northwest Canadian Greyhound League has been nominated to be added to the list.

The NGA is proud to include your adoption group as part of our inaugural list. The list can be viewed at  

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into our Greyhounds.  We are proud to consider you one of our Responsible Adoption Partners.


NGA Webmaster & Board Member 3B”

“For the Love of Dogs” BC Gala Fundraiser

Please view our Gala Fundraiser page:

“For the Love of Dogs” BC 2018 Valentine Gala Fundraiser

Foster Homes Needed!

 Foster Homes Needed!


We are DESPERATE for foster homes! We can only bring in Greyhounds based on the number of foster homes available. Please help us help the dogs!

Greyhounds that come straight off the track need to learn how to behave in a house. They need to learn all about things like; linoleum, carpet, stairs, cats, little dogs, windows, mirrors and much more. Foster families take a Greyhound into their home and spend time teaching it how to be a wonderful house dog. They then have to be strong of heart and give the Greyhound up when it’s ready for adoption. Failing at fostering simply means falling in love with your foster and wanting to keep it. If you fail too often you won’t have room to foster anymore Greyhounds and that is what we consider a loss, but a happy loss! Usually, the fostering period only lasts 1-2 weeks


Click here for Fostering Application 2018-Aug22  or  e-Mail [email protected]

Greyhound Belly Bands – Our Training Tool for Male Markers!

Do you own or are you fostering a male Greyhound that likes to mark everything in sight? We have just the right training tool for you and they are being custom made by one of NCGL’s volunteers.

Belly Bands have proven over and over that marking ends promptly after a few wearings. How long to have your dog wear a belly band and when to stop using? That is a personal decision, but if the dog/foster stays dry overnight while wearing one, use is usually discontinued.

For further information or to order, contact [email protected]

NCGL Shopping Guide!

We still have some items left – for birthdays, or gifts for her, for him, the kids and for the Greyhounds. Shipping costs from British Columbia will be added on to purchase price of items listed. Act now – quantities are limited!  Orders can be sent to [email protected]

GH Hangars

GH Hangers $5.00 ea.

Earrings and Charms

Earrings $15 pair and Pandora Charms $10 ea.



Greyhound Figurines $15 each

Greyhound Figurines $15 each

















Greyhound Pandora Pendants $20 each

Greyhound Pandora Pendants $20 each














Greyhound Tag Collars $15 each

Greyhound Tag Collars $15 each