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On July 1, 2000 Northwest Canadian Greyhound League (NCGL) was conceived to help find forever homes for the retiring Greyhounds at the Calida Greyhound Race Track in Canada. NCGL’s mission grew to encompass, not only retired racing Greyhounds from the track in Alberta, Canada but to include any retired racing Greyhounds in need of a home and any sighthound or sighthound-cross that needed help. NCGL rescues strays and takes in pet Greyhounds from owners who can no longer care for them.

The following gallery is of all the sight hounds NCGL has acquired over the years, either from race tracks, from owners, from S.Korea, strays, and from other groups. They have all found Happy Homes and have Happy Tails!

This page is always being updated. If you have a “tail” or photos to share, please send us an e-mail.

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  • Beau (Rambo)

    Published November 22, 2021, by David Robertson Big brindle hound Rambo, now called by the much more suitable Beau, came to us from the Lower Mainland in a two-dog surrender with Beauty (Jett). Beau is in foster in Saanich getting lots of walk with his two Greyhound buddies and learning house life and pack order (if you can’t work the can opener, you […] 0 Comments

  • Jett (Beauty)

    Published November 22, 2021, by David Robertson Beauty, now called Jett, was part of a two-dog surrender from the Lower Mainland. She is pictured here with Rambo, now Beau, on their surrender day. Jett is now with her forever home in Saanich. 0 Comments

  • Snowtop


    Published September 20, 2021, by David Robertson Snowtop is a 2-year-old male and one of our Lower Mainland dogs. He spent a month with one of our wonderful Lower Mainland fosters learning how to manage smooth floors and stairs before going to his forever home in Victoria. Snowtop, now called Cedar, is settling well with his new family and Greyhound housemate. 0 Comments

  • Jack


    Published September 20, 2021, by David Robertson Four-year-old Jack was a Lower Mainland surrender fostered in Duncan. Jack is a real people dog and, though not planned, his foster has become his forever home. 0 Comments

  • Arrow


    Published September 15, 2021, by Brandi Williams Welcome to NCGL Arrow! Arrow is a sweet 4.5 Canadian Match Racer.  He was surrendered to us by his kind family after retirement and is looking forward to life on the couch after a great career! Arrow is being fostered in Calgary, Alberta – Welcome to the family! 0 Comments

  • Franny


    Published August 19, 2021, by Brandi Williams Welcome to NCGL Franny! Franny is a beautiful 2.5 year old greyhound cross who was found at a dump in Northern Manitoba. She gave birth to her beautiful 9 pups on August 8th, 2020 in a wooded area in an effort to keep them safe. One day her and her pups were dropped off at […] 0 Comments

  • Guiness (Big Show)

    Guiness (Big Show)

    Published August 19, 2021, by Brandi Williams Guinness (Big Show) is a sweet boy born October 13, 2017. He adores people, walks, sleeping on the couch and hanging out with his foster family! Guinness gets a little too excited when he sees squirrels, birds, rabbits, other dogs and cats on lead and his new family will have to work on that with […] 0 Comments

  • Baxter


    Published January 21, 2021, by Brandi Williams Baxter is a young, exuberant boy (born January 2019). Baxter came to us from the Lower Mainland and after working through several fosters has now found his forever home in Delta complete with field, boy and a cat to explain who is in charge. 0 Comments

  • Cry Artic

    Cry Artic

    Published November 14, 2020, by Brandi Williams Cry Artic is a lovely 6 year old male. He gets along very well with his greyhound housemate and is very affectionate with his foster guardian. Cry Artic has been determined to be NOT cat safe. Even with a calm, confident cat he was much too focused and determined. He will not be adopted to […] 0 Comments

  • Buddy


    Published November 14, 2020, by Brandi Williams Hey Buddy!! Welcome to the NCGL family! Buddy is a lovely young boy (probably about 2) and just learning the ropes of living in a house. He was very stressed on his trip to his foster home but is slowly gaining confidence. He is becoming a better passenger when travelling in the car and gets […] 0 Comments

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